Send my
 booze flying!
Send my booze flying!
Order beverages from anywhere. Fast, easy and safe.
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Waiting is 
sooooo 2019.
Waiting is sooooo 2019.
We solve unnecessary waiting with our user friendly app that enables you to order and pay at your favorite bar, music festival or music venue. Airchip helps you order whenever you want. You never have to wait for a staff member to approach you and always be informed about the progress of your order.
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Just hold up your phone!
Just hold up your phone!
Safe is the new normal. Airchip allows you to order drinks from your phone without the need to interact with a waiter.. After confirmation you can pick up your order at a pick-up point or request a delivery on the spot. Just hold up your phone and enjoy the service, while keeping a safe distance.
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Benefits, benefits, and more benefits.

Never wait to be served again

We all got better things to do than waiting. Especially when you're enjoying valuable time with friends and loved ones. Airchip solves waiting for your order. Forever.

Enjoy easy pick-up or delivery where you are

Our easy to use app helps you pre-order drinks and alerts you when they're ready for you to pick them up. Don't feel like moving? Scan a QR near you to get the order delivered.

Works without internet

Airchip is created around reliability so when your internet connection takes a little break, you can continue to order freely, anytime.

A smart wallet

Top-up from your bank account to start ordering. Making a payment is fully automatic and instant. Do you have some money left after leaving the location? With one tap you refund the leftover money back into your bank account.

Get relevant deals to save money

Get acquainted with our chatbot Chippie, so we can send you awesome deals from your favourite locations. You can save a lot of money if you keep track of the current offers.
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